Amigo amigo de mi esposo Meu melhor amigo comeu minha mulher


Amigo amigo de mi esposo  She then took out a sleazy red dress from her cupboard and was getting ready. She first wore a matching bra and panty of that dress set on her body. It was a bridal wear type and was amazed to see the collection of such dresses she has bought recently. She then got ready and it was now almost 12 am and wore a robe-like red dress over her inner-wear. She looked really beautiful and she looked like a woman in her 20s. She then took his phone and called him.

Amigo amigo de mi esposo  I then slowly moved to Sheela’s room to hear what he was about to say. When I reached there, I heard his phone was ringing in his pants and while he was fucking her in the doggy style. The thuck, thuck sound of his balls hitting her ass was audible as he was holding her hair and pounding her from behind. She was enjoying it and when the phone started to ring, she took it out from the pants as it was in the bed and said to him “It is that hungry slut. I think the pussy of that bitch has started to itch for your cock. She won’t even let me enjoy properly.”

Amigo amigo de mi esposo  I was shocked to hear my maid talking about my mom like that. She always acted as her loyal servant but her real intentions were out now. She then handed him the phone and he attended the call while pounding her and said “I will come soon baby within 20 minutes. Sheela is there right? I will come inside with the help of her. You get ready my darling for my little man. He has been starving the past whole week and is eager to pierce into your pussy, muaahhh” and cancelled the call.

Amigo amigo de mi esposo  She was now moaning as he kept on ramming her and she let out a huge grunt as she had another orgasm. He then took out his cock and she was lying on the bed exhausted. But he hadn’t ejaculated till now and that is when she removed the condom and sucked him. “Wow, you didn’t cum till now” looking at the empty condom. He then asked her “How was our first session? Did you enjoy it?” to which she replied “Now I understand why she has become your slave and is willing to do anything to get her pussy filled. It felt so good and could not be explained in words.”

Amigo amigo de mi esposo  He then smiled hearing this and joined her on the bed. Both of them were lying on the bed naked and his pole was still standing in full might. She added “Please would you to do me a favour? I want you to fuck me now without a condom and then make her suck your cock with my pussy juice on it. Amigo amigo de mi esposo  It would be my punishment for her as she disturbed us in between.”

He smiled hearing this and spread her legs and entered her in missionary position. Amigo amigo de mi esposo  He then slid it into her pussy in one push and

Date: June 23, 2021