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3way My next thought I wish I could blame on the alcohol, however I barely had a warm buzz. I imagined myself on my bed with the three of them spread out around me – all of them naked and all of them rock hard and ready for me. The thought left my cotton panties damp.

As they talked about fishing I completely 3way stopped listening. What would it really be like to have all three of them? Would I enjoy it or would they just use me? Thinking of them using me made me squirm against the counter. I took a long sip of my rose colored mixed drink and hoped none of them noticed my excitement.

How would I do? Would I just tell them I was horny and wanted to get fucked? The excitement in my body grew and my heart started to pound. How would they react? What if I just invited them to follow me into the bedroom? Or I could just drop to my knees right there on the 3way kitchen tile.

3way I probably could’ve dropped to my knees, Ashley had completely abandoned me. Next time the two of us were alone, I planned to mention a few things to her. However I didn’t know how long they would be. They hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks and probably had to make up for lost time. Part of the reason that I didn’t want Tyler to come over was because of their relationship. They were a happy couple that couldn’t get enough of each other. Ashley and I were just eighteen but I could already see the two of them getting married.

I didn’t have a problem finding guys to date, but after a month or two things always seemed to get boring or I found reasons to end the 3way relationship. I wasn’t exactly ready to settle down, but I knew there had to be more than just one night stands and flings. However as all three of them stood around me, I didn’t want a relationship. I wanted to get fucked and not just by one of them.

What would Ashley say if she came out and saw me bent over the couch and them lining up to fuck me? What would she say the next morning if she came out and discovered all of us missing and my bedroom door closed? I told her everything. She knew about my flings. She 3way knew about my one night stands. However, she didn’t know about this fantasy.

I could feel the blood flooding through my veins. The room felt one thousand degrees. My panties clung to my wetness. All three of them 3way looked at me. It could either stay as a fantasy or it could become a reality.

I took a long sip of my drink, still barely buzzed. I took a deep breath. 3way I leaned back against the counter and pushed out my chest. “Guys I’m so fucking horny.”

3way The conversation stopped mid-sentence. All three of them turned to look at me and their mouths dropped.

“What do you want to do about it?” Devon quickly recovered from the surprise and returned to his cocky self.

Date: May 31, 2022