3some Sharon White Takes Off Her Dress To Work Bangkok’s Dick


3some The original plan had them just sticking around for a few drinks before heading downtown to one of the bars. At first I didn’t really like that plan, however after a few drinks with them I changed my mind. They quickly reminded me why I was currently pissed off at the male members of my species. They hit on me and stared at my tits to the point it became uncomfortable. I’ll admit at first I liked the attention. It felt good to be reminded they were other men out there, but it quickly became more than I wanted to deal with that weekend. I was glad Ashley was out on the balcony with me and that they 3some would be leaving soon.

“I’ll be right back. Do you want anything?” Ashley said as she slid open the sliding glass door.

“Another drink?” I had been pacing myself, but they made me want to drink more.

“You got it.”

3some I thought she would be back after a few minutes. How long could a stop in the bathroom and a refill in the kitchen take? I didn’t have a watch on, but it seemed like way longer than it should’ve taken. After Devon undressed me with his eyes for the third time in a minute, I decided to take matters into my own hands as far as my drink.

As I opened the sliding glass door that I realized Tyler had also 3some gone missing from the balcony. I feared the worse and my fears were confirmed when I spotted the Ashley’s white bedroom door closed.

I didn’t know what to do besides get another drink. I didn’t exactly 3some want to go back out on the porch with them, but the condo didn’t leave anywhere else to hide. Before I could make a decision the three of them joined me in the kitchen.

They involved me in the conversation about beaches, but I barely took part in the conversation other than to nod my head yes. My brain told me they were all unattractive, but I knew they all wanted me and I 3some would be lying if I said I didn’t want each of them physically.

I felt my body temperature rising and I couldn’t be quite sure if it 3some was because of the three hot men in front of me or the air conditioning couldn’t keep up. I pictured being in bed with James. Sex with him would be a satisfying workout. Devon would want to do something kinky, pushing me beyond what I felt comfortable with doing. Rick would go out of his way to make sure that he satisfied me before he came.

3some All three of them had selling points, but I couldn’t exactly just grab one of them by the arm and drag him into the bedroom. Okay maybe I could, but it would be pretty awkward for the other two

Date: May 31, 2022