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18yo The next encounter came in the form of porn video one of my immature guy friends put on at a party. From the woman’s bleached blonde hair to her giant fake tits, everything about it fell into 18yo the category of fake. Definitely not a turn on like the above story, but watching her take on four giant cocks somehow made the fantasy a little bit more real.

The most recent encounter with the theory of a gangbang came not too 18yo long after my graduation. Actually right after. That night everyone gathered for parties, a wild night for sure but I don’t think anyone had a wilder night than my friend Becky. At one of the parties she ended up sucking off half a dozen guys and fucking four of them. 18yo When I heard the story I reacted with disgust, but inside I wished it had been me.

However, I didn’t want the whole town knowing I let a group of men bang me. Being easy or a slut is something you can write off as being young. Getting gangbanged follows you around. You’ll go to the grocery 18yo store and someone will recognize you as that chick that let four men fuck you.

Yet, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fantasy. It was the fantasy I thought about late at night when I found myself all alone in my room and no guy to call over. A fun fantasy, but nothing that I would ever turn 18yo into a reality. Or so I thought.

“I thought you said it would just be a girls’ weekend,” I said when Ashley put down her phone. After messy breakup, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with any member of the male species.

“I know, but I didn’t think Tyler would be in town.” She looked at me, 18yo then took a sip of her vodka and cranberry. We were house sitting her aunt’s beach condo and already put a major dent in her liquor. I wasn’t completely sure how she planned to hide that, but she didn’t seem to be too concerned. “What do you want me to do? Tell him he can’t come 18yo over? That’ll go well. I’m sorry.”

Date: May 31, 2022